Art Sorb Sheets 5pk


To stabilize the relative humidity in painting frames and transport boxes, preconditioned to 50% RH

Art Sorb sheets are ideal for small spaces such as framing systems and for vertical applications such as on the back side of display cases. Due to their large active surface, sheets are often used to buffer short-term changes in relative humidity. They can be cut to appropriate size with a pair of scissors or a cutter knife. Art Sorb sheets are available pre-conditioned at 50% RH only, but they adapt rapidly to other climatic situations when exposed in a room with a given relative humidity.

Each sheet contains 100 g of Art Sorb. For 1 m³ of showcase volume you will at least need 5-10 sheets depending on your needs.

Size: 500mm x 500mm x 1.8 mm

Pack of 5

Please be aware that these sheets shed fine dust of ART SORB during handling. This dust contains corrosive LiCl and should not come into contact with art works, especially metals. Be sure not to transfer any of this dust onto your artwork via your hands or gloves. Safe practice requires that Art Sorb sheets are sealed into permeable but dustproof materials such as TYVEK.