Japanese Screwpunch


Screwpunch comes with 11 different size drill bits included to create perfect neat holes every time.

This tool was designed and manufactured in Japan for making holes with controlled ‘torque force’. Downward pressure causes the bit to spin and drill down through a variety of materials such as paper, leather & card.

“Before the invention of the screwpunch, it was necessary to hammer the top of a wooden punch in order to make holes in the material.
Therefore, people had to use varying forces according to the thickness of the material.
Since it was quite noisy, this old tool could only be used in limited places and at certain times.
Over time, Mr.Kiichi Nonaka developed this tool to be used more easily and conveniently, and named it the Screwpunch.
You do not need to strike the top of the screwpunch nor rotate a blade by hand.
Also, with our new range of blades, it is now possible to make different sized holes using just one Screwpunch.”