Teflon Paper Separator


This folder is designed for ease of separation between delicate pages, It is flat, flexible, and strong. The rounded tip spreads the application pressure and reduces the chance of damage to papers. Once the rounded tip is in position, one can easily pivot and use the beveled edge along the length of the folder to gently slide the whole folder under the target page. The extra long and flexible tool supports the entire page as you lift and separate in a single motion!

Teflon folders are used when the desired outcome is to have minimum scuffing or shine on the paper or material. The Teflon is chemically inert, non corrosive and non-contaminating making it great for archival restorations. It has a smooth non-stick surface which makes it easy to clean and thus makes it last longer.

This folder is made from the highest quality real Teflon, imported from America.

200mm x 37mm x 2mm

Tip: Be wary of fake Teflon as they will not have the same effect as real as it will be rougher in texture and so it may be less effective or even damaging.