Rising Museum Board


Made from 100% Cotton rag, Rising Museum Board has been buffered with a minimum of 3% calcium carbonate to protect the board from hostile environment factors. They are acid-free, lLignin free, chlorine free, with a pH level of 7.8.

Rising Museum Board is said to be the “best cutting board on the market”, it cuts clean with no feathering or blade drag.

The cotton used to manufacture Rising Museum Boards is not from the puffy white flower that we all recognize as cotton, but rather the linters, or byproduct, from the textile industry. Textiles are made using the longest, highest-quality fibers – the rest is discarded. This wasted cotton is salvaged and used to manufacture Rising Museum Boards. Nothing could be more eco-friendly than reusing a product that is considered waste – otherwise this would all end up in the trash.

1016 x 1524mm

4ply (1.6mm)

NOTE: Boards are too large for Australia Post standards. Shipping will be calculated after your order is placed and a new invoice will be sent for the courier cost. If only ordering one full sheet, it is best to collect from store as shipping on one full sheet is not cost effective. If you have enquiries, please email